Amazing Time-Lapse Flower Photography

Flowers from Thomas Blanchard on Vimeo.

Get yourself in a good mood with this amazing video featuring time-lapse photography of some of our favourite flower shop blooms ripening!

Fresh buds of amaryllises, lilies, and daffodils, set in front of vintage wallpaper, bloom in seconds in this timelapse, knitted together neatly from almost 10,000 photos shot in 5K RAW.

“I created this video simply because I love nature,” photographer Thomas Blanchard says. “I always found the flower’s time-lapses fabulous, but most of the time they are made with a black background. Then I told myself to make a beautiful flower’s time-lapse with coloured and vintage backgrounds. To me, the 60’s / 70’s is the most representative period for the flowers. This is a way to pay tribute to them.”