Easter Yellow

The colour that most springs to mind during Easter has to be yellow. It’s a bright, spring colour and lets not forget all those fluffy little yellow chicks! So, whether you’re giving someone a bouquet, making a centrepiece for dinner or just decorating your home with some Easter flowers, here’s a list of some of our favourite yellow flowers this spring.

easter yellow flowersThe yellow oriental lily is a bold and beautiful, in any display.

easter yellow flowersWe had to include the daffodil on this list. This flower most definitely reminds us of Easter and this time of year.

easter yellow flowersThe yellow gerbera daisy is a cheerful addition to any bouquet or display.

easter yellow flowersCraspedia, also known as Billy Balls, will add a modern and quirky touch to any bouquet or arrangement.

easter flowers yellowThe sunflower is more often associated with summer but who could resist this dramatic and beautiful flower?!