Houseplant of the month for May…indoor/outdoor plants.

Merging indoors and outdoors and making the garden into a second home is a popular trend. Calla Lily, Campanula, Cockscomb, Balloon Flower and Lily fit perfectly with this: fabulous houseplants that can be placed both inside and outside and hence join the two together in a natural way.


Houseplant of the month for April...indoor/outdoor plants.
Houseplant of the month for April…indoor/outdoor plants.

The variety of colours and shapes is overwhelming, but very different depending on the species. Campanula and Balloon Flower (Platycodon) mainly come in blue, white and pink, was lilies are widely available in orange, yellow, white and pink. The colour palette with Cockscomb (Celosia) and Calla Lilies is even more diverse, from delicate pastels through to brilliant deep shades. And you can enjoy these lavish bloomers from April to September.




Care tips:

  • All indoor/outdoor plants prefer a cool and light spot indoors to ensure the longest possible flowering. In the garden they can tolerate both full sun and partial shade.
  • As bulb crops, the Calla Lily and the Lily are the easiest to care for: watering once a week is enough.
  • Campanula, Cockscomb and Balloon Flower have softer leaves, and therefore evaporate more moisture, meaning they need more water: the soil should always be slightly damp.
  • For profuse flowering give the plants and food every two weeks and remove wilted flowers for extra-long flowering.