Houseplant of the month for February…Potted Bulbs

Potted bulbs give you a feeling of spring. They’re flowers that emerge from their bulbs bursting with energy and colour.

Houseplant of the month for February...potted bulbs.
Houseplant of the month for February…potted bulbs.

In February it’s often still too cold to see the bulbs that you planted in the garden in autumn emerge from the ground. But there’s a handy solution to this: potted bulb products, which are widely available in February thanks to the grower’s skill.  Potted bulbs bring an early spring to the garden and the living room. When the first warm spell arrives, you can see the flowers bursting out of the pot as cheerful, fragrant heralds of spring.




Caring for potted bulbs: Hyacinth, Narcissus, Muscari
The three different potted bulb plants – hyacinth, narcissus and Muscari – all require the same care to ensure they give you pleasure for a long time. The plants are undemanding in the garden – they can be placed in both the shade and the sun. Potted bulb products do particularly well even at temperatures around freezing. Indoors the plant requires a spot which is as cool as possible to ensure the longest flowering. Make sure that the soil never dries out. You should therefore water the plant regularly, but don’t get the bulbs too wet since this can cause them to rot. There’s no real need to feed, since most nutrients are already present in the bulb.