Houseplant of the month for January…the Ficus

The attractive shape, strong look and easy care makes Ficus very suitable for students, offices, public spaces and plant lovers with little time or a lack of green fingers!


The houseplant of the month for January...the ficus.
The houseplant of the month for January…the ficus.

Beautiful leaves and an attractive structure make Ficus one of the most popular houseplants and indoor trees around. The plant is a member of the Moraceae (mulberry) family, which also includes the fig, rubber plant and hop plant.


Care tips 
● Ficus requires a light position. The more variegated the leaves, the more light the plant needs. However, it’s best to avoid bright direct sunlight, particularly in the summer months.
● The lighter the plant’s position, the more water it needs. So adapt the amount of water to the position and water regularly: the soil should never dry out entirely.
● Give less water during the hibernation period in winter, and make sure the water isn’t too cold. Place the plant outside in a refreshing rain shower in the spring and summer.
● Plant food once a month will keep your Ficus attractive and strong.
● Any yellow or ugly leaves can be pulled off.
● Leaf drop in autumn and winter is usually caused by dry air indoors from central heating. Humidifiers are a solution to this.
● If the plant gets too big or less attractive, it can be pruned, preferably in the winter months with sharp secateurs.