Houseplant of the month for March…the Bromeliad

Cheerful, colourful, tropical and blessed with extraordinary appearances: the Bromeliad has long been the most exotic beauty amongst the houseplants.


Houseplant of the month for March...the bromeliads.
Houseplant of the month for March…the bromeliad.

The Bromeliad range is diverse and colourful. The best-known species are Guzmania and Vriesea, whereby Guzmania blooms concentrically and Vriesea always has a somewhat flat inflorescence. The leaves are always smooth and usually green, but there are also variegated varieties. They both come in a wide range of colours and in various sizes. There are even botanical varieties of Vriesea which are sold as a foliage plant thanks to the decorative leaf markings. The pineapple is also a member of the Bromeliaceae family – as a houseplant it’s known as the pineapple plant.




Care tips:

  • Bromeliads are very easy to look after. Place the plant in a light, warm spot, but not in full sun. Bromeliads can also be placed outdoors in the summer months, provided that the plant has shade for part of the day in order to avoid scorching.
  • The rosettes contain absorbent hairs and scales with which the plant absorbs water and nutrients. Bromeliads particularly need water in the rosette and sparingly on the soil. Watering once a week is sufficient. Replace the water in the rosette regularly. The plant can be lightly misted on the leaves during flowering. To ensure lengthy and lavish flowering, give the plant some plant food once a month.