Houseplant of the Month for September: Hanging Plants

This month’s houseplant is actually a whole category of plants, and they couldn’t be more fashionable:  hanging plants!



The eye-catching feature of flowering hanging plants is obviously the flowers, which lend an air of mystery to these houseplants. Ideal to use as a living flower curtain or flowering room divider, the surprising appearance of this range is a good match with customers who like unusual shapes and are looking for trendy plants.

Houseplant of the Month for September: Hanging Plants

Care tips for customers

  • Green and flowering hanging plants with thick fleshy leaves need proportionally less water thanks to their succulent properties. Other species need some water every couple of days because the leaves are thinner and more fragile.
  • Most flowering hanging plants require a warm, light spot, but prefer not to hang in bright sunlight. As a rule of thumb, the more flowers there are on the plant, the greater the need for light, and the lighter/more variegated the leaves the greater the need for light as well.
  • Water the plants regularly with water which is not too cold. The soil should not be allowed to dry out, but nor should there be excess water. Spray the leaves of hanging plants with leaves regularly – don’t spray the flowers.
  • Some plant food once every 2 to 4 weeks is a good idea to keep the plant looking good for a long time. Remove exhausted flowers and old leaves, and cut the tendrils back when they get too long. Flowering hanging plants are purely for decoration and not for consumption. Houseplant of the Month for September: Hanging Plants