Regal Pelargonium – Houseplant of the Month

The Regal Pelargonium plant comes in many different varieties from dark purple to salmon pink but it’s more known for it’s velvety leaves and large trumpet-shaped flowers. A perfect house plant for spring with it’s colourful flowers and timeless beauty, we can see why it was chosen as houseplant of the month by the flower council.

regal pelargonium

Caring for this house plant:

  • Water regularly and keep the soil moist without soaking it.
  • Place indoor plants in direct sunlight.
  • Keep plants indoors until the night frost disappears and place in areas where they will get morning sun and evening shade.
  • Remove faded or dead flowers to keep the plant neat and to promote more growth.
  • Cut back outdoor plants in the late summer and repot them with new soil.