Favours are an easy way to bring a bit of extra floral decor to your wedding tables using something you’re already spending on anyway!  Lots of good ideas from milk bottle or jam jar arrangements, potted succulents or flowering plants, or even just add a sprig to your favour packaging.  Get inspired by our wedding favour Pinterest board!

Flower pots are a cheap and cheerful way of adding pretty home decor touches.  Use brand new, add some chippy paint, leave outside for a natural patina, or dedorate with lace or old book pages, use your imagination!  Add a pretty flowering plant and you’ve got an arrangement that will last weeks or longer.  Lots of other pot plant ideas on our Pinterest board!

The name Ficus is Latin for fig. The Ficus grows in (sub) tropical areas of Asia, Africa, South America and Australia. The Ficus Ginseng is unique in the Ficus range. The plant is recognised by its green leaves with a blunt leaf tip.  The plants are often sold as bonsai. The Ficus Ginseng likes a light position out of the full sun. The lighter the position, the more water it will need, so give it regular water and don’t let the… Read more »

Vintage books are great items for wedding table decor:  they’re cheap, easy to find, and come in lots of colours!  Great for stacking and bringing height to your table centers, we love to pop our jam jar arrangements on top.  Lots of wedding decor inspiration on our vintage book Pinterest board!

My favourite flower for 2015/16 is Sweet William.  Sweet William is a dianthus and has the same strength and long vase life of his big sister the carnation.  Great value as it is often grown outdoors, it is on the market throughout the summer and is at home in a jam jar or a bridal bouquet, bringing it’s sweet little charm to all arrangements.  Lots more Sweet William inspiration on our Pinterest board!

    The official name of the Peace Lily, Spathiphyllum, is derived from the Greek words for spathe and leaf. The plant has received extra attention over the last few years through the NASA Clean Air Study. They were researching how to purify the air in space stations and the Peace Lily turned out to purify air better than the average plant. The Peace Lily is an easy care plant. The plant prefers a light position, out of the bright… Read more »

  Busy with weddings over the weekend, including this beautiful garden themed wedding.  The bridal bouquet featured Sweet Avalanche roses and white anemones set against a selection of early summer flowers.  Sweet little ‘bunchy’ buttonholes of Cool Water roses with anemone and waxflower, and bridesmaids to match.   The reception took place at the Grain Store at Ballymaloe, where we filled the tables with vases of garden style flowers, including large enamel jugs on the window and top table.  It… Read more »

Happy Bloomsday to everyone this June 16th! And happy birthday to us, we’re five years old today! Bloomsday Flowers opened its doors on this very day in 2006. It was a hot and sunny summer, and the economy was booming…happy memories! It’s been a hard old road these past five years, but we’re still here, and looking forward to many more Bloomsday birthdays. Thanks to everyone who has been such great support over the years, we couldn’t have done it… Read more »