This year’s big wedding flower trend is lots and lots of foliage, including the beautiful silvery, long-leafed, light green beauty that is olive.  Perfect for all those little details, looks perfect in garlands, on cakes, even a little sprig on your dinner plate.  Check out our Pinterest board for more wedding flower inspiration using olive!

My favourite flower for 2015/16 is Sweet William.  Sweet William is a dianthus and has the same strength and long vase life of his big sister the carnation.  Great value as it is often grown outdoors, it is on the market throughout the summer and is at home in a jam jar or a bridal bouquet, bringing it’s sweet little charm to all arrangements.  Lots more Sweet William inspiration on our Pinterest board!

Flowers from Thomas Blanchard on Vimeo. Get yourself in a good mood with this amazing video featuring time-lapse photography of some of our favourite flower shop blooms ripening! Fresh buds of amaryllises, lilies, and daffodils, set in front of vintage wallpaper, bloom in seconds in this timelapse, knitted together neatly from almost 10,000 photos shot in 5K RAW. “I created this video simply because I love nature,” photographer Thomas Blanchard says. “I always found the flower’s time-lapses fabulous, but most of… Read more »

making carnations happen

Indulging myself on Pinterest for the last half hour, searching for an answer to a very controversial question….I wonder if I could make carnations happen again?! Carnations have become a dirty word in the floristry world, and it’s a bit of a shame as they’re long lasting, reasonably priced, and come in a lot of really interesting and hard-to-find colours. Strangely, they were hugely popular with Victorians and mid-centurians which would make them perfect for current wedding trends, but still… Read more »

It has been positively arctic this last week in Ireland!  Up north, everyone is snowed in, and even down here in Cork we are struggling with the bitter cold and icy roads. My heart goes out to the couples who have planned their weddings for this week!  Not only is it so hard to travel, but even the logistics of getting everything moved and delivered must be so difficult.  At least they will have beautiful snowy, wintery photos! If anyone… Read more »