To brighten up a hotel wedding reception, coloured table linens are a great way to carry your floral theme through the room.  Coloured tablecloths, napkins, and runners are available to hire or buy and can transform your wedding decor.  See more inspiration on our ‘table linens’ board on Pinterest.

  With hotel weddings, a stunning way to carry your floral theme through the room is by styling your cake table with lots of fresh flowers.  Cake toppers, garlands, and loose flowers can transform an ordinary cake table into a showstopper!  See lots more ideas on our ‘cake flowers’ inspiration board on Pinterest.

The attractive shape, strong look and easy care makes Ficus very suitable for students, offices, public spaces and plant lovers with little time or a lack of green fingers!   Beautiful leaves and an attractive structure make Ficus one of the most popular houseplants and indoor trees around. The plant is a member of the Moraceae (mulberry) family, which also includes the fig, rubber plant and hop plant. Care tips  ● Ficus requires a light position. The more variegated the… Read more »

Buttonholes may be the most important tiny detail of your wedding day!  We like bunchy little ones using flowers from the floral theme, perfect for narrow lapels and textured fabrics.  Always a great item to use for quirky detail or personalisation, lots of inspiration on our buttonhole board on Pinterest.

Vintage style wedding decor is as popular as ever, but a lot of couples are updating the look with a modern vintage, midcentury style.  Graphic shapes and bright colours are complimented by light flowing contemporary flower arrangements.  We love the candy colours and gold accents!

Flowers from Thomas Blanchard on Vimeo. Get yourself in a good mood with this amazing video featuring time-lapse photography of some of our favourite flower shop blooms ripening! Fresh buds of amaryllises, lilies, and daffodils, set in front of vintage wallpaper, bloom in seconds in this timelapse, knitted together neatly from almost 10,000 photos shot in 5K RAW. “I created this video simply because I love nature,” photographer Thomas Blanchard says. “I always found the flower’s time-lapses fabulous, but most of… Read more »

Bring some sun into your life this May with hibiscus, the houseplant of the month! You can recognize the versatile Hibiscus by its trumpet shaped flowers and shiny, dark green leaves. It is used as a houseplant as well as a container and patio plant. The original flower colour was pinky-red but nowadays we see it in many different colours, from yellow to dark red and from pink to white The Hibiscus likes a lot of light and can even be… Read more »