(We apologise in advance for the mushy nature of this post!) When it comes to impressing your Valentine, roses are always a good choice! And when it comes to showing you appreciate the romantic gesture, keeping those babies alive for longer is a nice way to do so. Here’s a few tips we’ve put together to help you make your bouquet blossoming until the end of February. Firstly, you need to put your flowers in water as soon as you get them,… Read more »

Time to start preparing for the big day!  Lots of orders coming in for Valentine’s Day, next Tuesday 14 February.  Delight your sweetheart with a big bouquet of fresh flowers and enjoy the benefits and privileges of being their Valentine:)   This year we are featuring “Freedom” roses from Colombia, a beautiful, long-lasting rose with deep red petals.  Order a dozen roses, fully dressed with gysophilia and eucolyptus, aqua-packed and boxed for a stunning presentation at $60.  Also a big… Read more »

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, just as we exhale after the busy Christmas period, time to get out the red ribbons again! We are looking forward to a busy weekend, as lots of couples celebrate early to take advantage of the weekend, and then our busiest day of the year, February 14th falling on Monday this year. We have bought in red roses from Ecuador again this year, a variety called ‘Freedom’, which is long lasting with a traditional… Read more »