December’s houseplant of the month offers lots of showy colour:  azalea. With lavish flowers and available in classic December colours, the Azalea is an  original alternative for creating atmosphere  while still being a  real seasonal classic. Azalea’s official name is Rhododendron syn. Azalea. Rhododendron is a compound of the Greek words for ‘red’ and ‘tree’ and freely translated it means ‘a woody plant with rose red flowers’. Azalea means ‘dry’ in Greek, which refers to the tough wood and not… Read more »

The cut flower of the month for December is possibly winter’s biggest, boldest, showiest bloom, the amaryllis.   The amaryllis’s petals are very unusual: they look like they’re made of fabulous velvet. In terms of colour they come in white, red, yellow, pink, salmon, purple, orange and bicoloured. There are usually 4 to 6 impressive flowers on the stem. The amaryllis as a cut flower does not have any leaves, which is why it’s sometimes called ‘Naked Lady’ in America. Care… Read more »

It has been positively arctic this last week in Ireland!  Up north, everyone is snowed in, and even down here in Cork we are struggling with the bitter cold and icy roads. My heart goes out to the couples who have planned their weddings for this week!  Not only is it so hard to travel, but even the logistics of getting everything moved and delivered must be so difficult.  At least they will have beautiful snowy, wintery photos! If anyone… Read more »